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Brings together the issues of maintenance planning, project management, logistics, contracting, and accounting for shutdowns.

Includes hundreds of shutdown ideas gleaned from experts worldwide.

Contains procedures and strategies that will improve yo
Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages
(5 - Master Schedule)

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   by Joel Levitt
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Industrial Press Inc.
Includes detailed steps for each phase (initiation, planning, execution, closeout, lessons learned), massive master lists of everything you will need. SALE! Use Promotion Code TNET11 on book link to save 25% and shipping.
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Master Schedule for

Phase 3 Execution


Execution of the Shutdown, Outage, or Turnaround Phase 3


Production and execution process includes building, assembly, removal, and replacement. The phase ends with substantial completion of shutdown. Delivery of punch list is the last event of phase 3.


Shutdown Monitoring System


Whatever strategy is used, you need to be able to anticipate problems before they impact the critical path. The monitoring system has to be detailed enough that you can, if there is a problem, be made aware of the problem and able to intervene in time to solve it (and not hear about it a week later).


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